Toy Fund

Each of us probably had a plethora of different toys in our childhood. Children in Africa, however, do not have any toys. There is no money for them. One ball costs e.g. in Malawi $ 5 – $ 10, just like in our shops. The rare parents who manage to get a job earn $ 50-60 a month. They have to support a large family with this money, so nothing is left for luxuries.

However, toy would make children very happy. A boy who was given a ball by one of his sisters was so happy that he was speechless for a few moments. Then he grunted, “Thank you!” – and immediately began to show the valuable things to others.

With this project, we would like to invite anyone who is willing to miss a couple of Euros to contribute to the Toy Fund. With the money raised, we will buy toys – especially balls that many children can play with at the same time, as well as dolls and similar things that children can use to pass the time. You can do a lot with a very small contribution. You can make a lot of kids happy. On behalf of the Malawian children, thank you very much in advance. They will be really happy!


Malawi children do not have toys to play with in their spare time. Do you also have the impression that something is missing in this picture – maybe a ball?