Get to know South India

Even if you are looking for a particularly original idea for a wedding trip, a final trip or a longer vacation, my sisters asked me to write that they warmly recommend ‘’St. Vincent’s House’’ for your visit.
They have, as already stated, 29 houses across southern India, so that they can organize the tailor-made journey of each individual, which can cover only a certain area or city, or as far as southern India as a whole.
The approximate price for a room for one or two people is 500 rupees per person per night (approx. 6-7 Euros), 150 rupees (2-3 Euros) costs breakfast and all three meals cost 500 rupees (2-3 Euros) per day. Groups in Bangalore can also rent beds in a room with 12 beds, of which one costs Rs 200 (2-3 Euros) per night.
So, if you want to combine a pleasant with a rewarding, charitable adventure – or just looking for an affordable, but especially safe way to travel this far-flung country, contact the sisters, especially Sister Philomena, who is responsible for tourists, and write them in English to vincyhouse2019 @ gmail or at

St.Vincent’s Provincialate
5,Banaswadi Road
Cooke Town Bangalore- 560 005

The sisters’ houses in Mysore, Gujarat and Kerala and the home of spiritual exercises in Halehala