Help for Sandhya

Help for Sandhyo

Sandhya is the mother of one of the girls who is looked after by sisters. She has two other children besides her, for whom the sisters also found a free opportunity to attend other boarding schools.
Sandhya works as a housekeeper for some wealthy family from 6:00 in the morning to 22:30 in the evening. He only has a day off on Sunday, but on that day he must return to the family he works with at 10.30pm. She earns 8000 rupees (around 115 euros) a month, besides she gets free food. Since she is still caring for her elderly mother, after paying the rent for a house of about 10m2, there is not much money left.

Her home reflects her financial situation. On one wall stand bottles filled with water because there is no running water in the house and next to them the food container, and on the other wall is a pile of folded clothes. Sandhya has no money to buy shelves or a closet. The only piece of furniture is an old, worn bed. When she is at home with her mother, Sandhya is laying on the floor in the evening.
However, Sandhya did manage to get by until she had become seriously ill. Therefore, she was unable to work for one month, which meant that she was left without her modest income. Thus, she faced the problem of what to pay for rent and other living expenses.

Although she is only 30 years old, examinations have shown she has tuberculosis. However, she was forced to borrow money for examinations and medicines, as she did not have her own savings. Like most residents of the slum, she couldn’t afford health insurance. Thus, Sandhya now has a debt of 1,100 Euros, which is about ten times as large as her total monthly salary, and which is also rising very fast due to its interest.
Even if Sandhya is able to work from 6.00 in the morning to 10.30 in the evening despite her illness, she has no chance of ever paying off this debt. She has become one of the many who only repay interests every month. Sandhya attended our sewing course and wants to buy a sewing machine in order to be able to earn extra money when she has free time or when she has less work than usual as a housekeeper. But she has no money for it. Buying a sewing machine and other necessary equipment to start crafting would cost around EUR 400.

Since the necessary amount is not so high from our perspective, we decided to try to raise EUR 1500 with your help. In addition to paying off debt, we also want to enable her to start working more intensely with sewing, because it is questionable how much longer she will be able to do more physically demanding work as a housekeeper due to illness.

This is why we are contacting you with a request for help for Sandhya. Thank you so much for your gift!

So far, we have raised 0 € of our 1500 € goal for this project.

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