Help for Amrita and her family

Help for Amrita

We also want to help the next family in a difficult social situation.Both Amrita and her husband are unemployed. The husband has been looking for a job unsuccessfully for a long time, and Amrita was previously employed. They have two children, a son and a daughter, who are very hardworking at school and also receive rewards for their school work, but it is questionable whether the family will be able to continue their education because of the financial situation of the family.

When Amrita lost her job at a house where she helped with household chores and, above all, looked after their children, she was no longer able to find a new job. Therefore, for a while, she did various physically demanding work, e.g. selling fruit and vegetables, often having to lift heavy bags and crates.
It seems that her body could not cope with these physical strains and constant psychological insecurity. Amrita got sick. She doesn’t know what exactly is wrong with her because she doesn’t have the money to afford a doctor’s appointment. As far as the nurses can tell, she is very anemic, as well as having blood pressure below normal. She is unable to stand for more than a few minutes. Even during our visit, she could only stand for a short time, relying on her daughter, and then her family convinced her to sit down.

Amrita is no longer able to work. All the household work is now done by her husband. Because the family is virtually without income, the son tries to at least slightly improve the struggling family budget by teaching the children from the surrounding homes in their slum, even though their neighbors are poor themselves and cannot contribute much to the lessons.
We would also like to raise EUR1500 for Amrita and her family so she can get examinations and buy the necessary medicines and some rice for the family.
Collecting contributions for them in the account …
Thank you so much to everyone who is ready to help Amrita and her family!

So far, we have raised 0 € of our 1500 € goal for this project.

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