Yjothi’s story

Yjothi,  who also took advantage of the interest-free loan facility, opened a sewing workshop with it.
Yjothi is a widow who was making cheap jewelry, tried to make a living for herself, her elderly mother and her college-educated daughter. What she earned from selling jewelry was not enough for all three, and especially not for her daughter’s studies. People only buy jewelry when they already have all the necessities, which is not taken for granted in this part of Bangalore, where only the poorer people live.

Almost half of the money Yjothi earned went to renting an 8 m2 large room in which all three live. Especially in order to allow her daughter to go to school, she occasionally had to borrow money for a staggering 10% interest per month.
Yjothi knew that by making clothes, she could earn more. She wanted to start her own sewing business. However, this would require her to refine her sewing skills and obtain start-up capital. She did not have her own savings, but if she took out a loan of some EUR100 in our money, she would probably never be able to repay the principal again, since her earnings would be barely enough to pay interest.

She has perfected her sewing skills in a course at “St. Vincent ”and with the help of the Small Credit Project, she also managed to get the much needed start-up capital. She borrowed about EUR400, which was enough to buy a sewing machine and other sewing accessories and goods and started sewing.

To this day, Yjothi has already repaid all the money she has borrowed from our fund and can be “her own woman.” They still live in the same small room, but they have enough money now to spend and pay for her daughter’s college to graduate next year. Yjothi does not need to borrow any more money.

Yjothi fulfilled her life wish. When I visited her, she and her daughter told me that I should thank the sponsors of the sewing course and the money lender who gave them and their grandmother a different life, on their behalf.

Yjothi behind her new sewing machine and her daughter in Yjothi’s sewing art