We are currently looking for ‘godparents’ for the following three slum schoolgirls:

(The tuition fee for each of them for the current school year is 200 Euros, and in the next years it will be somewhere between 200 and 250 Euros) If anyone is ready to become a godfather of any of them, please write to us at:


Adika is eight years old and comes from a family with five children, all girls. She is the youngest of them.

Her family immigrated to Bangalore from the countryside many years ago because her parents hoped that it will be easier to find a job in the city. Dad is a bricklayer, and mom is collecting  recyclable trash. Their modest income is not enough to provide education for their daughters. Because they want the children to have a better future, they asked the sisters for help.

‘Adi’ is hardworking, polite and has a keen interest in learning something new. She has nice behavior, both at school and at home. Last year, she was even selected as the best student.


Archana is 7 years old and has two sisters, one older and one younger.

She comes from a very poor family who immigrated to Bangalore from neighboring Tamil Nadu province. The father then left the family and married another woman.
Mom was not able to look after the children and provide them with good education. She asked the sisters to look after Archana and she left. The sisters learned that she died shortly after.

“Achu” is a very smart girl and a good student. She has performed very well in the group of children with her sisters and has high expectations for her future.


Shrusthi is eight years old. She has an older brother.

When Shrusthi was one year old, her mother left the family. Shrusthi and her brother were then taken care of by their father and old mother. Then the father remarried, and since then, he is no longer interested in the child from the first marriage. Since then, the baby has only been cared for by grandmother who works as a housekeeper and is practically absent all day, but she earns a little. Therefore, she asked the sisters for help in caring for Shrusthi.
Shrusthi is a very good kid and good at school. She is strongly attached to the St. Vincent’s House. She is aware of the problems associated with her family and is very mature for her age.

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