Medical Assistance and Transportation Fund

In Malawi, many people are so poor that they cannot even afford transportation to the hospital. Due to transport costs ranging from $ 0.5 to $ 10, they stay at home until it’s too late.

They also cannot afford a visit to a health center, treatment, medication or even surgery.

If they have better-off relatives, they raise money for major medical interventions from the entire family. However, if they do not have relatives who can pay, they are left without medical attention.

The Nurses’ Health Center, though, provides people with basic medical examinations and medicines for up to 10 times lower prices than state health facilities. But often people cannot afford this either.

Often, going to a government hospital is necessary because certain services, such as surgeries, are offered only there. X-ray imaging costs e.g. $ 40, minor surgery, e.g. due to urologic problems, 80-100 euros.

Because many people are not able to cover these costs, we have decided to set up a special fund to collect contributions to transport to medical institutions, medicines and medical services.

If you are ready to help those who need medical help, please donate your gift to our account.

Thank you very much in advance on behalf of all those who will be able to receive treatment with your money.


Sister Chinyere’s patients: various types of cancer and AIDS are widespread in Malawi, as well as the various consequences of malnutrition