Providing courses

Fund for the organization of vocational training for women in difficult social circumstances (Bangalore)

In India, a large proportion of women are disadvantaged in terms of their education and qualification. In terms of the financial resources they need to survive, they depend heavily or even entirely on their husband.

 Many of the slum wives the sisters visit are widowed, or the husband and father have left the family. They can only earn some money collecting recyclable trash cans or as housekeepers.

Although in these cases their working hours last from early morning to late evening, they often do not earn enough to provide for themselves and their children, let alone enable them to attend school. The latter is often not possible even if the father contributes to the family budget.

The aim of our project is therefore to make the “St. Vincence” offer these women free courses where they could acquire certain professional qualifications and acquire the knowledge necessary for the sewing, cooking or perhaps even easier technical profession, mastering less demanding work with a computer and the like. In doing so, they would acquire skills that would enable them to find better paid work or gain professional independence.

We are currently looking to raise EUR1500 for our next vocational training. Once the money is raised, we will agree with Sister Saleena what type of course would make the most sense to offer at that time. Thank you to all of you who are ready to contribute.

So far, we have raised 0 € of our 1500 € goal for this project.

If you would like to help, fill out the form below and we will send you our bank information where you can make a donation.