How can you help

DONATE: Every Euro you can give to the poor will be worth 10 to 100 times as much in third world countries as in Europe.

ESTABLISH A SUPPORT GROUP: Your family, your parish, or your organization can be very supportive of our work in the field or fields you have chosen.

SHARE: Send topics from our website to your relatives and acquaintances, thus contributing to the fact that more and more people will know and support our projects.

ORGANIZE A DONATION OR SALE PROMOTION: Give up gifts for your birthday once and support a specific project on our website with money for them. Do you have more fruit in your garden than you need? Sell ​​fruit or home-made jam and donate the proceeds to the poor! There are a really large number of ways you can help others with your own creativity and ingenuity.

PRAY: Praying for the success of our projects is something that anyone can truly give. The success of our projects is always decided by many factors over which we have no influence. You can strongly support our work with your prayer.

TRAVEL: Have you always wanted to get to know India or Africa and their inhabitants, nature, culture or dishes? Or perhaps you want to personally get to know the work of nuns with the poor in these lands? Looking for a special original gift for a birthday or wedding? Even by opting for a particular trip as part of “Serving the poor,” the sisters can raise money for those in need.

We humans have very different talents and interests. Each of us can certainly contribute in our own way to a better future for the poorest of the poor. You are warmly invited to participate!