Food and Dress Aid Fund

In Malawi, because of high unemployment and food prices in shops as high as in Europe, most people are forced to produce food for their own families. Patients, mentally or physically disabled, as well as the elderly and children are not able to do this.

Sister Chinyere therefore brings them some food every week – usually a bag of corn and soybean meal, about 1.5-2.5 kg per house, which is enough to ensure that people are provided with at least one meal a day. Soybean meal provides protein, and corn is added to it because it is much cheaper and, although it does not have protein, is at least nutritious. Many of people she takes care of, in one way or another, suffer the consequences of an unbalanced diet with little needed vitamins and minerals.

If Sister Chinyere had $ 900 more a year available, she could provide all the people she cares for, around 170, with a second meal a day. Especially for those with AIDS – often mothers with young children and also children themselves – this second meal would be absolutely necessary because, as she notes, with sufficient nutrition, the symptoms of the disease appear later or are not so severe.

And  if she had even more than these desired  $ 900, she could bring something other than flour to them.

They often also need clothing. Used clothes can already be obtained for as little as 1-3 Euros per piece. But often people can’t afford that amount. Because it can get very cold in Malawi at night and glass windows are a luxury most people can’t afford, people need warm clothes and thick blankets. This is especially true for patients for whom any deterioration in their health status can be fatal.

Therefore, we would be very pleased to have input from you, dear readers of this site, to contribute to the food and clothing for the poor, nurtured by Sister Chinyere. Thank you in advance for the contributions you make to our account for this!

To each socially weak family, sr. Chinyere delivers about half a bag of flour a week, which is enough for about 1 meal a day for everyone.


These are some of the people sr. Chinyere takes care of