Floral cork wallet – I (Portugal)

Floral cork wallet – I (Portugal)


In this beautiful nostalgicromantic and elegant women’s wallet made of natural corkstyle is combined with ecological consciousness. It is as modern as it is durable and with its practical design it can be used in everyday life. It is made vegan, without the use of any animal products.

Cork is a naturalrenewable and durable material obtained from the bark of cork, which the people of the Mediterranean countries have been peeling and using for various purposes since the 2nd century. The bark is regenerated after removal. This ancient tradition of “harvesting” and processing cork is now preserved mainly in the south of Portugal, where more than 30% of cork is grown worldwide and where 50% of world trade in this material takes place. The ethno-style wallet is also decorated with a traditional Portuguese motif.

Despite the fact that it does not contain any leather, the wallet is comparable in quality to wallets made of high quality leather, as cork is a robust, durable and moisture-resistant material.

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